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24 March, 2022

A SIFT-commissioned report on seaweed farming in Scotland obtains extensive media coverage

SIFT recently commissioned a report on Facilitating development of the seaweed cultivation sector in Scotland. The report assesses the role of cooperatives and alternative models for collaboration in meeting key commercial challenges in the sector. In particular, it considers how cooperatives specifically designed to assist small scale seaweed farmers


9 November, 2021

The Proposed Cambo Oilfield Development

Sixteen leading marine environment and sustainable development organisations, including SIFT, write to the UK Government calling for a full assessment of the ecosystem impacts of the proposed Cambo oilfield development to be taken into account.


5 November, 2021

UK Blue Carbon Forum- Statement to COP26 Delegates

A new UK Blue Carbon Forum has been announced today to support and develop the UK’s role in protecting its precious “blue carbon” habitats, vital to mitigate the effects of climate change. 


20 May, 2020

The Importance of Blue Carbon

Evidence is growing of the central role that Scotland’s marine area plays in our national carbon accounts.